Monday, June 3, 2013

We Aren't Counting Anymore...

Well, I decided we aren't counting how many weeks I've been on my mission anymore =] It's already going too fast that we don't need to keep track anymore. Let's just let it last forever ok =] 

We've had a good week here in ZhangHua! Nothing too exciting. Missionary work is going really slow in our zone right now. We are all searching really hard for those prepared souls. The elders in our ward have had them dropped into their laps. I'm so jealous. It's the power of member referrals. Both of the men they are working with are member referrals. Sigh. We have all been discussing a lot recently about how to improve relationships with our ward members and how we can gain their trust and share their friends and family members with us so that we have investigators dropping into our laps too =] 

On Tuesday we did exchanges with some sisters. I got to go with a sister who has only been on island for 3 weeks. I've never been with such a new sister! It was so fun! It made me a little sad that I won't get to train, but I really love being sister training leader and getting to know more sisters and be able to help them out. But it was really fun being with this sister for a day. Her Chinese is wicked crazy good! And before going into the MTC she had never heard Chinese being spoken before! The Chinese-speaking missionaries are only in the MTC for 2 months now because there are so many of them, but it is incredible to see how the Lord has blessed them with language skills. It is just a huge testament to me that this is the Lord's work, and He won't let His missionaries fail. 

We also had mission leadership council this week, which was super great. It was our mission president's last, which was really sad. He is such an incredible man, and I am so grateful I've been able to serve under him. We talked about our new mission president coming, and we are all excited, but it will be weird, especially since I will only serve with him for a short period of time. But it will be good! It was really cool to be is such a small setting with our mission president and to hear his testimony and to feel his love for the Savior and for missionary work. Such a great experience. 

We had a great, new investigator this week! She is 17, but because of a huge test that she has in July, her parents won't let her meet with us till it's over =[ We are so sad because she was so great! She was sad that she can't meet with us right now because she loves the feeling she gets when she is with us, so we invited her to share this with her parents. I hope she does and I hope they will change their mind and let her meet with us now! 

I also forgot to tell you all about how we lived without water for 32 hours...Last Sunday as we were leaving for church, we saw a handwritten note in the elevator about how the water was going to be turned off from the day before till the next night. Well, we knew we had water that morning, and the last time they said the water was going to be turned off, it wasn't, so we just kind of ignored it (plus it was time to start proselyting, and it was Sunday). Then that night while we were out we saw everyone talking about how there was no water...uh we went home and sure enough, no all. Well, that's ok, as far as drinking water, because we are prepared missionaries who have 72 hours worth of water. But, we had no water stored up for showers or washing dishes or we took a huge bucket and went and bought water from a water pump so we had some. ThenMonday we didn't have any water, but by that night we did =] Yay!

And then we had another earthquake yesterday, but not nearly as crazy as the last one. It was still big, and it lasted much longer, but we are still just fine =] 


1: Sis. Jarvis and Sis. Schultz - the other sisters in ZhangHua. We went to Taizhong with them last week to eat Coldstone ice cream and go shopping!

2: My companion and I and our crazy yummy ice cream!

3: Back in my first area - BeiQu - gone shopping on Yi Zhong Jie! So fun!
Hope you all have a great week!!!

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