Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 61: AWESOME!

Hello Dearest Family and Friends! 

How are you!?

We have had a great few days here in Zhang Hua. This will probably be a short email because not too much has happened. 

So Wednesday after emailing, my recent convert, Xu JM, from GaoXiong came to find me!! I have to tell you her story. Back in February we had a power week in the mission. One of the days was to have 4 ma shang sitdowns (like, roadside sitdown lessons) and invite them all to be baptized and accept the goal. So we started our day off beautifully by finding a wonderful girl who we had a lesson with, and then she accepted a goal! Sadly, she didn't live in our area. So then we keep working super hard all day, with no success. Finally about 4 PM we were riding our bikes somewhere and this girl on a bike pulled up next to my companion at a stop light. My companion started talking to her and told her we had a message that we wanted to share with her. She said, OK! So we pulled off to the side right then and had a great first lesson with her. I could tell right away that she might have some learning disabilities, so I wasn't sure how far she'd go. Well, she was super interested in learning and had such a strong desire to really understand. She isn't good with directions and lives about a 30 minute bike ride from the church, so we taught her how to get to the church by riding with her. We then met with her almost every day, teaching her a little at a time. I really didn't have much faith in her though. And then I moved in March, but she had a goal to be baptized in April. Come the end of April, I hear that my dear Xu JM got baptized!!!!! I was so, so excited for her!!! And then on Wednesday she just decided she was going to come from GaoXiong to find me in Zhang Hua because she missed me and wanted to tell me in person that she had gotten baptized. It was so incredible to see the change in her. Her confidence has grown, she loves the Savior, she truly understands what it means to repent and change and become better, all of it was just so incredible. I was so touched and was so grateful for this small blessing of being able to see her, and see how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed her life. 

Another of my investigators from GaoXiong also got baptized in May! My companion met Lin JM on the road and invited her to church. She got her information and then that Saturday called her to see if she wanted to come to church. She did want to, and she did come! And then she came to Stake Conference with us! There was about 3 weeks we weren't able to see her during Chinese New Year because of work, so I was worried she wouldn't hang on, but she did! She was so willing to do all our invitations and was really learning and growing. Right before I moved, she got sick, and the elders gave her a blessing, which was really cool. So I moved, and then I hear that she had a heart attack, right after I moved. I was devestated!! She was in the hospital for a month, but the sisters continued to visit her often and the elders went and gave her blessings. And then on May 4th, she was baptized! 

It is such an incredible thing to hear that people you teach get baptized! I taught both of these sisters for a month while I was in GaoXiong and I am so excited that the sisters there didn't give up on either one of them, and now they both have followed their Savior in being baptized. This is why I love being a missionary! I love seeing people's lives be changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Ok, I got a little sidetracked, but I wanted to share those with you =]

So then Wednesday night we had English!

Thursday was good. We went to LuGang and had a lesson with our new investigator, Pan JM. She is super awesome! We are hoping we can help her make some friends in the ward, since she doesn't really know anyone here (she is originally from down south). We are hoping this week we can give her a baptismal goal!

Friday was exchanges! I went with my dear friend Sis. Romanello. We had a great time. We had two awesome lessons with two of their awesome investigators. It was so fun to be able to teach with her! And then we went to Costco with the Relief Society president to buy cheese for an activity they were doing the next day. 

Saturday was the cheese activity! I think I ate more cheese that morning than I have my whole mission! But it was so fun teaching the sisters there how to eat cheese, what to eat it with, etc. I love when we can share some of our knowledge with the ward members. Saturday afternoon we had a great lesson with our recent convert about individual worth. It was exactly what she needed to hear. 

Sunday was good, but we didn't have anyone at investigators, recent converts or less-actives. Not sure what happened, but we were a little sad. Sunday night though we had a good lesson with one of our families, though sadly the mom just wants us to come teach her kids now, so that we can influence them, so that when they are older, if they want to go to church, they we are going to try and meet with just her alone and see if we can help her see how this will help her whole family now. 

And now we are back at Monday. We are staying at home today. We are supposed to have a 4 day thunderstorm starting soon. This morning was so beautiful (see picture) and then when we left the clouds had rolled in (see picture). We have lots of organizing to do at home and lots of letters to write and naps to take =] 

Well, I hope you are all doing well! I love you all and am so grateful for your love and prayers and support!!

Have a great week!!! 

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