Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yay For June

Hello Everyone!!!!
What a great week!! The greatest thing being: my brother is going on a mission to the Indiana Indianapolis Mission, English Speaking!!! I am so excited and so proud of him! Thankfully he leaves after I come back so I can see him for a short period of time =] And the crazy thing: my cousin is going to the same mission, Spanish speaking. The two of them are great buddies and are so excited to be serving in the same mission!!!

Now, as for my mission, we've had an incredible week this week!!! Our investigators, Liao JM and Zheng DX are doing so well! We've seen them twice this week and they are both reading and praying! We taught them about the Sabbath on Saturday and they both currently work on Sunday, but are willing to try and do all they can to keep the Sabbath Day holy! We are so excited for their progression! Liao JM is a bit shy, but we are working on getting her to open up. I really, really love meeting with them! It's so fun!

Our other investigator, Yang JM, who was a former investigator, is also doing well. We are helping her to see the importance of the Book of Mormon, and how through her actions (reading, praying and coming to church) she can and will gain a testimony that God lives and guides her life. She is also hardcore studying Buddhism right now, and she is having a hard time separating the two things, so that is making things a bit difficult. But no worries, I came up with the perfect example (thanks to the help of the spirit) and we will share that with her next time we meet with her! I'll let you know how it goes. 

So they are our current progressing, baptismal date investigators. But we also found several other new investigators this week!!

The first was a pure, beautiful miracle!! Our mission has this new project, called the "Map Project". A companionship of elders took all the ward lists in the mission and made maps with dots plotted for every member on the list, organized them all and put them in binders for every companionship. These maps serve several purposes: finding really difficult addresses, seeing what members live where, so if we are in the area we can visit them or have them help us peike, and, the best one, find new investigators!! We have had success using the maps for the first two purposes, but we had yet to find any new investigators from the maps, nor had we really seen any big miracles. On Thursday we were in LuGang and our evening appointments cancelled, so we were able to stay in LuGang a bit longer. There was a name on the list we didn't know, nor did we know their current situation, so we decided to go visit the sister. We get there and she wasn't home, but her sister-in-law and her sister-in-law's 4 kids were there. One of the daughters wanted us to come in (she's 7) so the mom invited us in. We started talking with them and just sharing about what we do as missionaries. We then started sharing about how this gospel has blessed our families, and she was just eating it up!!! She was loving everything! Us ourselves didn't mention anything about baptism, but she said, if she is to be baptized her mother-in-law will probably oppose (this is a huge problem in Taiwan). We asked if we could come back and she said of course! Then, as we were leaving, she said, you won't forget us will you?! Of course not!!! So we are so thrilled for this wonderful miracle. And even better, her oldest daughter is 10, and was so interested in prayer as well! They were both willing to pray and they really want to come to English this week!! So excited!!

We also found another new investigator this week as we were tracting. Yi JM is an older woman who is married with two kids, but has gone through a rough time lately. Her mom passed away a year ago and she is feeling the pain of that still. And she is partially deaf, so it's difficult to be able to talk to her (though she can speak just fine). So we are excited to be able to share with her the Plan of Salvation and help her know where mom is, and that she can see her again! The Plan of Salvation is such a wonderful thing!

Well, I think that is about it! We've really had a fantastic week this week! We are continuing to be diligent and work hard, and we are feeling the blessings. I am so excited to see where these investigators can go!!!

I hope you all are doing well! I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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