Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 58: What a Week of Miracles!

Hello my dear friends and family!!!!

What an incredible week we have had! By far the best week of my mission!!!! We have been blessed with miracle after miracle, and how grateful I am to the Lord for blessing us as he has!!!

But first, can I just say that time is going by too fast???? It's May! May is the month that I arrived in Taiwan...that means I've been in Taiwan for almost a year! I can't believe it! Time is flying too fast. 

So lets stop talking about time and start talking about our incredible week!

I don't even know where to start...

So last Monday. It was a bit stressful as my companion and I decided when to go on exchanges and where to go, as our week was really already scheduled. But, because Heavenly Father loves us and supports us, we worked it out all right. After small freak out sessions that we had no idea what we were doing, it all worked out and our exchanges all got arranged. 

Tuesday morning we were going to go visit a new investigator but she called and said she didn't have time, so we were going to go visit a less-active. But as we were beginning to travel there, I got too nervous that it was too far and we wouldn't have time to get back for district training meeting. So we stopped and prayed to know what we should do, since visiting the less-active was our back up plan. After we finished praying, I was thinking of people in the area or places to tract and I remembered a street that I have frequently seen and wanted to tract so we went there. And the 4th door we knocked on was a family! They are ren zhu min (aboriginal) and most aboriginal are already Christian, which they were. They let us in and we had a really great lesson with them. They were willing to let us come back another night when their whole family would be there. So AWESOME! So then we had exchanges (my companion go to go back to her old area =] ) and that night Sis Zhao and I had some great lessons. The best though was that night we were riding to go find some investigators and I was bummed that we were short a recent convert or less active lessons. Not long after that, a lady pulls up to me and is like, Hi, I'm Sis. Huang and I'm like, I have never met her before! I pull her to the side and turns out she is a less-active! She was heading home and I asked if we could follow her home and visit her; she readily accepted! So that was miracle #2 of the day. Such a huge blessing!!

Wednesday we had some great lessons with our investigators, particularly Sis. Zhang. We were able to really understand some of her needs which was super cool, so now we can help her work through them. English also went really well that night too, even though I only had two students, one was 2 years old and one was 9 =]

Thursday my companion had a meeting only for Taiwanese, so I got to go with Sis. Jarvis and Sis. Schultz! We had a great morning and were treated out to pizza =] That afternoon we had an awesome lesson with our investigator, Wang JM and her son! We showed her how to use her iPhone to watch conference and read the scriptures. She was SOOO excited! I just love them. And her son was reading 1 Nephi 8 about Lehi's vision, and without ever having explained to him what everything symbolized, he was able to tell us what the story represented. He is such an incredible young man! And he can't wait till he can have the priesthood =] We just need to get him baptized first =]

Friday, oh man, Friday we had the best experience I've ever had on my mission. We met a lady a few weeks ago. She is probably in her 70's, and the first time we talked with her she seemed really interested. The next time we went and visited her and her boss (she shells shellfish outside a house) and set up a time to go visit her. But then her boss called and said she didn't have time (this was last Tuesday). So we went by today to see her. And she was SO EXCITED! Her boss came out and was like, Amah is going to take you to her house. She's been waiting all week for you to come back! We were shocked! So we follow her to her house (while picking up cardboard boxes along the way - they collect recycle to get money). We get to her house and her husband was there. I wasn't sure how he'd feel about us being there, but he welcomed us right in and seemed very happy that we were there. They living in quite humbling circumstances, and I felt very honored that they wanted us to come visit. My companion did all the talking because they only speak Taiwanese (but I am starting to understand what is being said, but can't speak it at all). My companion asks if they have been praying but amah said no because she forgot how to, but this was why she has been waiting for us to come back: she wants to pray. The last time we had gone, her boss wasn't feeling well, and we prayed when we left that she would feel better. After the prayer, and after we left, the boss felt much better. Amah saw this and knew it was because of prayer. Her husband, Abei, has cancer. He was diagnoised 3 years ago, and at that time was give 4 years to live. So this is the 4th year. She wanted to know how to pray so she and her husband could pray for his health. So we taught them how to pray. Neither can read really well, but Amah told us to write it down anyways and she'd have someone read it to her. We gave it to Abei and he started to read it! We helped him with the characters he didn't know, and then he just sat there and read it over and over again the rest of the time we were there. As he was reading it over and over, I could feel his faith in prayer grow. He didn't really understand what he was doing, but he knows prayer can heal, and he has the faith that it will heal him. We also mentioned about church to them, and Abei said he really wanted to come and listen. So we found him a ride and he came to church!!!!! This amah and abei are so incredible. They are putting their whole faith into the gospel and prayer, even though they don't even really know why. It was such an incredible humbling experience. 

Ok, that is the end of the huge miracles this week. I'm sure there are a ton of little miracles too, but I realize this email just became super long. 

Oh wait, that's not the end! Our families!!!! We went to visit the Chen and Shi families last night!!! The Shi family was so excited for us to come! They were all sitting around the table waiting for us when we got there. And the best thing: they prayed last week!!!!! I was sooooo happy to hear that they are praying! The daughter shared with us her experience with prayer: she had lost something so she prayed to find it then found it. So simple, yet it impacted her and she knew Heavenly Father heard her prayer. They are such an incredible family! The Chen family is also doing so awesome! While they didn't pray last week because they forgot, we retaught prayer and then the father said the closing prayer. In his prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for the opportunity to come in contact with the church. So cool. Both families are doing so great and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be able to teach them!

Ok. That's about it for our week. Being Sister Training Leader is the best! It might have stressful moments, and my poor companion doesn't know the area at all because she is always away on exchanges, but we are both loving it and feeling the tremendous blessings that Heavenly Father is giving us!

I am so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary!

I hope you are all doing well! I love you all lots and am so grateful for your love and prayers!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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