Saturday, May 18, 2013

Week 60: OH MY GOSH!!

Wow. How did I get to week 60! Time is flying! I am loving life!

We've had a great last 10 days!! I don't even know where to start! 

Last Monday we went to my companion's last area, Yuan Lin, and we went out to eat with the sisters there and a recent convert. We went to eat all you can eat hot pot and BBQ. It was SOOOO GOOD! SO good! But I was soooo tired. I fell asleep while we were eating. But the food was so good!

Then Tuesday we had exchanges. I stayed in my area and my companion went to Tainan to play. But it's ok because I got to go to Tainan on Friday/Saturday. And it was so beautiful!!! I decided Heavenly Father was torchering me. It was so beautiful, the weather was perfect, ah, I fell in love in the first 5 minutes. But it was super fun! I love going on exchanges! I love all the sister that we are able to serve! It is so fun to get to meet them and serve them and learn together with them!

Wednesday was super fun because we had our English Mexican Party! The mom that we met two weeks ago at Mission Leadership Council, who lives in our area, brought her daughter! And I made salsa!! It was so yummy! But so painful to make! I made it on Tuesday night and as soon as I finished making it, I realized my fingers on my left hand were burning. And then I thought, oh no, I didn't wear gloves while I was cutting up the chili peppers! And so my fingers burned for many, many hours. I didn't go to sleep till almost 1 AM. And then when I woke up, they were burning again. But they eventually stopped. I tried so many things to get them to stop burning, but the only thing that was working was sticking them in the freezer or in a frozen bag of edemame...neither of which were very conducive for sleeping. But, its ok because the salsa was a huge hit and was so yummy!

Friday morning we went to LuGang and met with our mom who came to English class! She was very willing to pray and read the Book of Mormon. She seems to be doing really well and we are so excited! We will invite her to be baptized this week!

Then on Sunday it was Mother's Day! As excited as my companion and I were to talk to our families on Mother's Day, we weren't really excited for it. Why? Because no one wanted to come to church because of it! BUT THEN! We had a miracle!! We met this lady on the road a few weeks ago and she said she'd bring her two daughters to church that Sunday, but then at the last minute wasn't able to come. And then she didn't come to church two Sunday's ago, and wasn't really answering her phone. So we thought, oh well. But then she texted us on Sunday morning and asked us for the address of the church! She said she was on the road and was coming to church! She brought her 2 and 5 year old daughters with her and they stayed for all 3 hours! The girls went to primary and nursery and they all really enjoyed church! We then met with her again yesterday and taught her to pray and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was really receptive to all of it!! And she accepted a baptismal date for June 22!!! We are so thrilled! She is so wonderful and I am so excited!

Then this past Monday wasn't a preparation day because we went to the temple today. So we proselyted (after I skyped my family of course, which was so fun!!!) And it was an awesome proselyting day! We have two new investigators!! One is the friend of two other investigators, and she really has a lot of interest, particularly in prayer. We were supposed to meet with her yesterday but she had to work, but she is coming to church on Sunday! And then we went looking for a former investigator, but they had moved. The lady who lives there now though was very willing to sit down with us. So that was super awesome!

And then today was temple day!! This might be my last time on my mission, which was kind of sad, but I really enjoyed it. It had been a long time since I'd been, so I was so grateful! And I did a session in Chinese (though I did have a translation headset on as well). But it was really cool. And then since I didn't do inititories, and went to an earlier session, I then got to do a few sealings which was super cool. I love going to the temple!!!

Oh, and we had some changes in our leadership position. Before we were covering 4 zones: Nantou, ZhangHua, JiaYi and Tainan. But we were traveling 4+ hours total for exchanges with JiaYi and Tainan, which was just too much. So our mission president called two more sister training leaders and put them over JiaYi and Tainin, which left us just with Nantou and ZhangHua (3 companionships). But then he called again another day and was like, actually, I'm going to give you Taizhong South zone, so you will have 7 companionships again. I'm excited! The Taizhong south sisters are only about a 20 minute train ride away, instead of a 2+ hour train ride, so much more manageable. I am excited to serve these new sisters!!

Well, I think that's about it! Enjoy pictures!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!!

1: Our all you can eat hot pot and BBQ, after most of it was eaten. 

2: Me and my salsa!

3: My district: Elder Xiong, Elder Ferrall, Sis. Wu and Me

4: Some of the sisters we are over: Sis Packard, Sis Smith, Sis Worthington, Sis Cole, Sis Wu, Me, Sis Jarvis and Sis Schultz. Love these sisters! (picture in the next email)

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