Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 62: Sick

Hello Everyone!

Well, this week really wasn't too exciting. I was sick all week and didn't have much energy to do much. But we still got out there and worked. We talked to a lot of people this week, but most of our investigators, actually, all but one, cancelled their appointments this week, which was a huge bummer. 

One great thing this week? The 4 day thunderstorm we were supposed to have pretty much skipped us. It was cloudy and had several bursts of crazy rain, but no continuous rain, for which I am so grateful for. I love tender mercies of the Lord. If it had been pouring rain and I'd have been sick, I wouldn't have wanted to go out. The Lord knows me too well =]

On Tuesday we had interviews and planner/area book checks, which is always fun. Our mission has been working on a new project, which is maps for each ward, with every member on the ward list pinpointed (using Google). So we got those this week and we are loving it! It helps us to see where people live, and if we plan to go to an area, we can look at the map to see who lives there so we can have better back up plans (ie: we can have names of people to visit and not just put Less-Active). So we did use that a bit this week and we really love it. It also helps for some of the crazy addresses that we can't find on regular maps. 

I'm really sorry this is such a boring email. I promise this week will be better and next week I will have miracle stories!!! 

Lots of love.

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