Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 52: 1 Year This Week

Hello Everyone!!!
So the news of the week (which shouldn't be a surprise since I was in my last area for 6 months) is that I moved!!! I am now in Zhang Hua 彰化 which is in the middle of Taiwan. I am about 20 minutes train ride from my first area, so I count as being the northern part of the mission now! My new companion is Sis. Jian (簡姐妹). She is from Taibei and this is her third transfer. Funny thing is that this area is my last companion's last area. And my last companion and current companion were trained by the same sister =] I am super excited to be here! I am going to miss GaoXiong so much, but I know I will love it here!

So our week. Last Monday we went to ZuoYing to celebrate a member's birthday! It was fun =] We went to an Italian food restaurant with her and the elders and a few other members. It was so much fun! Then we did a bit of shopping and then headed home. 

Our GaoXiong investigators are doing really well! We moved Chen JM's baptismal date back to March 23, but we know she can get baptized that day! And we are hoping Lin JM can also be baptized that day! So that is all super great!!! Xu JM is also doing well! She is learning and remembering what she is learning, and that is so great! I love them all and will miss them!

We had English class this past week, and we did a St. Patrick's day party. It was a huge hit! We had 50 people at English, which is a RECORD! We had them broken up into 6 groups and each group made a leprechaun trap. They had a ton of fun with that, then they left to go do another activity, and we destroyed two of the traps and left a pot of chocolate gold. It was so much fun! And all the english students are such good friends! I just loved it! I will miss them all!

Then Sunday was super awesome too =] Sunday night, our Taiwanese Mom, Zhang JM, made dinner for all us missionaries and many recent converts. Since each companionship in our district had a missionary leaving, many people wanted to come see us. So we just all ate together at the church, and then had Family Home Evening. I loved it! 

I loved my time in GaoXiong, and will miss everyone dearly. But I am so excited to be here in ZhangHua and meet new people, and learn a new area, and I know its all going to be so great!

I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will! 

588: Celebrating Zhang JM's birthday: Back Row: Elder Jorgensen, Elder Dailey, Li DX, Elder Chen, Elder Chia, Sis. Busath, Liu JM, Zhang JM

662: All the people who came to eat dinner with the missionaries our last night. I love them all!!!

691: My new companion and I!

682: Goodbye GaoXiong

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