Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 51: Ni Hao!

Hello everyone!!!
We've had a good week here in GaoXiong, complete with sister exchanges, investigators with baptismal goals and a trip to the island! (well, another island, since I guess technically I'm on an island every day =] )

We'll start with sister exchanges! I got to leave my area and go to DaLiao, about 30 minutes south of my area. And what is super cool is that my trainer was trained in DaLiao, by my MTC teacher! So it was a super special place to visit! I have now been to all of my trainer's places (she only had 3, I was in one with her, and went on sister exchanges to the other two). I had a great time with Sis. Cole (she was my younger generation in the MTC!). We met some great people, one of who is an investigator that my trainer first taught and almost baptized two years ago. This young woman's mom wouldn't let her get baptized at that time, but now she is old enough that she doesn't need her mother's permission to be baptized. I hope that she can be baptized soon!

Then on Wednesday we went to visit our investigator, Chen JM. We first started meeting with her back in October. One day when I first got to GaoXiong, I called a few phones. That day I set up three people, a Liu JM, Chen JM and Zhang JM. All 3 became investigators. Liu JM is my recent convert who was baptized back in November, Chen JM has been an investigator since then, and Zhang JM decided not to keep meeting with us in December. And now, Chen JM has a baptismal date!!!!! We are so excited! She's always had a desire to be baptized, but the timing hasn't been right, but it is now! Her current goal is March 16th! We are so stoked! How grateful I am that I called phones that morning =]

Then on Saturday we went to visit a member and a few less-actives and former investigators in Qi Jin, which is a small island. We have part of it in our area, and part of it is in another area. It was so crazy! Normally there aren't a ton of people there, but there was a "miao hui" that day, which is like, a temple party. One of the temples there (or several...) was celebrating the god's birthday, so there were parades and firecrackers and people galore!!! It was so packed!! But really cool to see the culture of Taiwan and the Buddhist people. So fun! And it was great getting to know the member we went to visit better. Sadly though, neither of the less-actives we went to visit were home. Next time =]

All of our investigators are doing really well! We have three investigators with baptismal dates right now, and all are progressing really well! We will be having baptisms in March! Yay! 

This week is the last week of the move-call. I am anticipating moving next Monday; we'll see! We only have 5 new missionaries coming in this week, but then 3 weeks later we have 24! So exciting!!!!!

Well, I think that is about it. Not too much has happened this week. I don't have any pictures this week, since last week all we did on preparation day was sleep =] I hope you are all doing well! I am loving being here, and can't believe my time is going so quick!!!! Thank you all for your love and support!!!

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