Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 27 (Sorry for being Late)

Sorry everyone for being such a lame blog poster :( I'll try and do better!

Hello everyone!!!
Today marks the end of my 4th month on island!!! I can't believe I've been in Taiwan for 4 months! I am almost done with my 3rd transfer and it's quite possible next Monday I'll be moving to a new area! Who knows though, we'll see =] I also cannot believe we are at September 17th already! Where is the time going! Before I know it, it will be January and then August again! Wowza!
We've had a great week here in Beiqu! I think today I'll do a day-by-day recap because last week was just so good!!!
     We got our hairs cut! We have a wonderful recent convert and she willingly cut our hair =] Sis. Wilson cut a good 4 inches off her hair, and I cut 2 or 3. I love my new haircut! I can't wait till its not blistering hot outside so I can wear my hair down =] I will include pictures =]
     Sister exchanges! I went on sister exchanges with Sis. Fitzpatrick again in Tanzi. We had an eventful night =] I won't go into details, but it resulted is us calling the whole chain of leadership, all the way up to our mission president. No worries, we are all fine, no one is hurt, but it is a night we won't forget =] Sis. Fitzpatrick and I taught a first lesson to these two girls, and they are so great! I am excited for the Tanzi sisters! I also figured out who this person on my Recent Convert list is (everyone has a list of people they baptize or help baptized). The first person on my CAL was a name I didn't know, and I discovered that I taught her on my last sister exchange in Tanzi =] So fun! So out of the 4 people on my CAL, two live in Tanzi and two live in Beiqu =] So fun! I wonder if I will ever serve in Tanzi.
    English. Nothing too exciting that day. We decided we are having a pirate themed party this week in English because its the last week of transfers. A lot of areas have parties in English on week 6 of the move-call, but we don't, so I decided we needed to have one this week. I'm super excited!
     The beginning of our miracles! For starters, we added 3 referrals! When you add someone, its your first time you set up to meet with them, so we were really excited. And even better, one of the girl's came that day! She is so incredible! And even better, she accepted a baptismal goal! Yay! We are hoping she will be baptized October 13th =]
     We met with our darling English student and her brother! She wants to be baptized so bad, but she doesn't have her parents permission yet, but we gave her and her brother baptismal goals for October 13 as well! We ended up giving her brother to the Elders to teach though, since he is 13 and its just a little less awkward for the elders to teach him. So we are super excited for the both of them! And they came to church on Sunday which was super great!!
     We had scheduled to meet with this new girl a week ago, but all week we hadn't been able to get ahold of her, so we didn't think she'd be coming. Well, she did! She is great! We also gave her a baptismal goal and we are so excited to meet with her tonight!! We also got to spend time with our recent converts on Saturday and there was a baptism so we had fun at that with everyone.
     We had 3 investigators come to church! One was our recent converts mom who has decided she doesn't want to be baptized right now, but she still came to church on her own! We were so happy to see her! We met with another investigator after church and that was so great =] I love her! And then we visited the Listons at night. They go home soon and we are going to miss them so much!
So that's been our week! We are so grateful for all these new investigators that we have, and that they all want to be baptized! Part of me hopes I stay in Beiqu next transfer so I can see them all be baptized, but who knows if I will be here next transfer =] I'll find out on Saturday!
The weather has also begun to change! Nights and mornings are so cool and I love it! It isn't as hot throughout the day either as it has been so that's been super nice! Love fall!
I hope everyone is doing well! I included a few pictures =]
#1: Me, Sara and Sis. Wilson after getting our hair cut by the lovely Sara.

#2: Sis. Wilson and I

#3: Sis. Wilson and my hair. Sara braided them the same =] She is so talented!

#4: My new hair cut (its curly because of the braids). I'd love to perm it but its kind of expensive to do and then I'd have to keep it up. But I love my shorter hair!


Hope you are all well!
Love you all lots!

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