Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 28: The Most Exciting Thing

Well, the most exciting thing this week is...
To GaoXiong - Ling Ya/Shi Zhong, which is in southern Taiwan! Its so crazy!! I can't believe I'm far, far away now. But I'm super excited! My new companion is Taiwanese, Sis. Liang, and the crazy thing is she was previously companions with my trainer and most recently with my MTC companion. My new area is also my last companion, Sis. Wilson's, previous area, and a family friend was previously the bishop of one of the ward's I'm over, and a previous Sis. Busath who served in Taiwan served in this area as well as my first area! Its so crazy!!! I left about 10 AM and took the train down to GaoXiong. I was super nervous about taking the train because I've never taken the train in Taiwan before, but I had another sister with me, and all was well =] We had a great train ride down and I'm just super excited for my next area!
As for the rest of the week, lets see. We had a lot of fun this week heart attacking our ward! We don't have the greatest relationship with our ward, and so we were trying to think of ways to strengthen it, and one of those ways we came up with was heart-attacking everyone. So we did! And it was so much fun, and we saw so many miracles with getting into people's apartment buildings and finding addresses and what not. We are very convinced this is what the Lord wanted us to do. A few of my favorite miracles were, one apartment building we walked in and the gaurd was gone, so we just kept walking, and then the only building that had the door wide open was the one we wanted and then we were able to get up to their floor with no problem. Several other houses we had no key to get up the elevator, but we just stood in the elevator and always within a minute or two the elevator started to go up and either went right where we needed it to go, or above it so we just had to walk down. We had other places where the guards were super nice and willing to let us in, or even in one case, another member came right at the same time and went and did it for us =] It was just incredible! I loved it! We also decided we were going to have a Luau, so in 2 weeks they will have that as well.
We had 27 new missionaries come this week which mean we had Dan Jones! It was so much fun! The new missionaries are so great! We all had a great time at Dan Jones. Our investigator, A. came with us and participated as well! She loved it and was so excited! She has such a great testimony and we hope that this week she will decide she's ready to be baptized =] And then since new missionaries were coming, we had two sisters come stay at our house this weekend! Sis. Mou (From Taiwan) and Sis. Mitchell (from Australia). Sis. Mou ended up coming down to GaoXiong with me and Sis. Mitchell stayed in Beiqu! We had such a great weekend together! For most of the time we split up into two companionship's, and it was just all so fun!
Saturday night we went to a wedding reception that was going on at the church and then we went to the elder's baptism. It was all so fun! Wednesday night we had a pirate party at English. I was so sad I forgot my camera. It went pretty well. We did balloon sword fighting, pirate lingo and another game, then they had a treasure hunt and we did a faith spiritual share. It was all pretty great!
Our investigators are all doing great! They are all keeping commitments and are coming to church and doing what it takes to develop their testimonies and faith. It's so great!! I am really going to miss all of them and my recent converts, but I'm excited to meet all my new investigators and recent converts! So exciting!!!!
I don't know if I mentioned about how our mission has a goal of talking to 100,000 people in the month of September, but we are already at 90,000+ people, with a week still to go! We will definitely hit and surpass our goal, but I am excited to work super hard this last week of the month, and the first week in my new area! Its going to be different, but I'm so excited!!!
I attached a few pictures:
#1: Lin MaMa - She was baptized last November. She had a stroke 7 years ago and is in a wheelchair, but I have loved visiting her every week for the last 4 months! I will miss her.

#2: Sis. Wilson, Sis. Mou, Sis. Liston, Me, Sis. Mitchell the morning Sis. Mou and I left. Sis. Liston and Elder Liston go home next week =[ We will miss them!

#3: Tiffany and I - She was on a business trip this weekend and couldn't come to church. I wasn't able to get ahold of her till this morning, and when I told her I was leaving, she was so sad! She called me back a few minutes later and was like, I'm taking an hour off of work! I'm coming to the church to see you! But I was like, no! Go to the train station, I'll see you there! She was in a meeting at work and she was like, I have to go, my friend is leaving! She didn't even care, she just left =] I love her and will miss her so much!

#4: My new companion, Sis. Liang and I at the train station!

Well, that's about it! I am excited for this new mission adventure, and excited to tell you all about it next week! I love you all!! And you can still write me letters to the same address, they just forward them onto wherever we are =]
Love you!

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