Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 29: October Is Here!

Hello Everyone!!!
We are now in October! I have been in GaoXiong for a full week! And it was a great week! The best part was that two of our investigators, a mom and her 9 year old daughter, were baptized on Saturday! Be before that, let's talk about GaoXiong!
I love it!
I didn't know that I would. All the missionaries are like, GaoXiong is the best place to serve, and I was like, I really like Taizhong. I liked being in the big city and I loved being next to the mission office =] But, they are all right, GaoXiong is great! I miss Taizhong and I especially miss everyone back in BeiQu, but I can't belielve how awesome GaoXiong is! The weather is starting to cool off, so it isn't too hot right now, we live across from a river, and its so beautiful. We are about a 15 minute bike ride from the beach and we have a really nice bike path that goes along the river. We also live about 25 minute bike ride from Costco! It isn't in our area, but still in our zone, so we can get permission to go =] I'm excited! We cover two wards, so that is fun. We split on Sunday and one goes to one ward and one goes to the other. My companion is great and I can tell my Chinese has already improved since being with her! Yay! I even had a 12 year old girl tell me, you don't sound like a white person when you speak Chinese! Yay! Success! Most of the time kids are as nice as adults, so I actually believe her =] I'm starting to learn the area a little bit, so that is good! 
GaoXiong and Taizhong are so different! GaoXiong is way more relaxed, the people on the street are friendlier and more willing to talk and give you their information =] Yesterday was a holiday (Moon Festival) and people have been celebrating with BBQ and fireworks all weekend! It's been so fun to feel the excitement in the atmosphere! I love it! Last night we were riding home from a members house on the bike path and there were fireworks going off all around us and the smell of BBQ and people were out and about and I just loved it! I almost wished I wasn't a missionary at that moment (or that it was preparation day) so I could just sit and enjoy it all! Love it!
We currently have 3 investigators and 15 great recent converts! I've met most of the recent converts and all but 1 of our investigators. All are so great! I am excited to see what will happen this move call!
So, baptism!!!! Pan JM was a member referral and has been investigating the church for about 3 months. She has a 9 year old daughter (who also got baptized) a 5 year old son (who is so funny!) and a 3 month old baby girl (who is completely adorable) and her husband. It was so fun to be a part of that, and her baptismal service was so great! Her husband came as well and while he isn't interested in the church right now, I hope in the future he will be, especially when he begins to see the blessings his family is receiving.
Saturday night, one of the wards had an activity! It was so fun! The food was good, and each table had to get up and sing a hymn and give a short spiritual share. I really enjoyed it and I got to meet a lot of ward members. So great!
Not much else happened missionary work wise. We are trying to find ways to find new investigators, and I'm hoping I can play the "I'm a new missionary" card with the members and get member referrals, since that's the best way to find new investigators! Our week mostly consisted of lessons and a little bit of tracting, with a little big of going and looking for formers =]
I am excited for my time here in GaoXiong! I know I am going to enjoy it a lot! I feel so blessed to be here on a mission and be able to serve Heavenly Father and help His children come unto Christ.

3323: The family and my companion and I and Elder Sanford, who baptized them

3335: This is what I was welcomed to in my apartment =] The previous Sis. Busath, who was here 2 years ago or so, had left this pencil, and I saw it sitting in the pencil case. So funny!!

3338: This is outside my apartment! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Love you all!

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