Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 26: A Few Good Stories

Well, not too much exciting stuff happened this week, but I have a few good stories for you all!
#1: Last Monday, Sis. Wilson and I were going to look for less-actives. We have about 20 sisters that we aren't sure who they are, so we wanted to go meet them. We had 3 that all lived right by our house, so we decided to visit them. One moved, one there wasn't a way to get into her apartment building, and the third we were struggling to find. We knew exactly where it should be, but couldn't find it. Normally after about 10 minutes, I'm like, OK, lets move on, we'll go find a Family Mart and look it up, but this one particular building, I was like, we have to find it! It was so weird. So we eventually found it and pressed the button for the house. We told the lady who we were and who we were looking for. She said she was her and asked if we wanted to come up. You bet we did! So we met this super nice grandmother and her husband. She was baptized a few years ago, but her husband isn't baptized. We started talking to her and getting to know her, and we found of that they have three daughters who are all members and all live in Utah. They began showing us pictures of their family and grandkids and all of a sudden I see a picture of my friend! I was like, is she your granddaughter, and grandma said, yes! I was like, no way! She was in my freshman ward at BYU!!! I couldn't believe it, and it was then that I realized why I had such a desire to find their house! I am so stoaked! We are going to go back tonight and visit them =]
#2: Saturday was "Clean up the World" Day and we got to participate! We and about 30 other missionaries all went to the Taizhong Train station and helped clean it up! It was so much fun! We even got to wear normal clothes, which was super weird. I don't like wearing jeans. It was super uncomfortable riding a bike in jeans! Too funny! We helped sweep, scrape gum off the ground and clean up trash. And I got to take pictures which is always fun =] So that was something fun and different.
Our investigators are all doing well. Well, our one we were hoping was going to get baptized this Saturday decided she doesn't want to get baptized. We are so sad, but we hope she will let us keep meeting with her. We have two other solid investigators and we hope they will continue to progress as well! We did get one new investigator this week! She is so stinking cute! Met met her through English class, and she wants to be baptized! She came to a movie night we had on Friday and was going to come to church but didn't end up coming. We hope things go well with her as well!!
So pictures!
#3217: Sis. Wilson and I at Clean up the World day

#3154: When people die, they have this huge long parade of cars and drums and such to the burial place. This is one of those cars.

#3156: They also have black cars with golden Budda's on top.

#3157: A typical stoplight in our area.

#3172: All the missionaries who helped with "Clean up the World" day!

Sorry nothing much more exciting happened this week. Tomorrow is Sister Exchanges and I'll be going to Tanzi again, with the same sister, so apparently whatever I was supposed to learn from her/the area the first time, I didn't learn, so I'm excited to go back again and find out what it is!
Hope you all are doing well! Thank you for all your love, prayers and support!

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