Sunday, July 21, 2013

Second to the Last!

Yes! This is my second to last email!!! Next week will be my last email as a missionary! 

So, please don't send me anymore paper mail or packages, as they may not reach me before I go home. 

And next Monday will be the last time I check my email till I go home, so if you want to send me anymore emails before I go home, make sure to send them before Sunday night July 28th!

So, onto this week!

We had a marvelous week full of new investigators!!!!! A total of 6!! They are all so great and we are so excited to be able to help them learn more about Jesus Christ and help them to prepare to be baptized!!!

So, lets talk about our new investigators! I talked a little about our new family that we met last Sunday! Well, they came to English! And the kids really enjoyed it! We weren't able to see them again last night, but we hope in the next night or two we will. Then on Monday night we met Wu JM. She is a sweet lady who just wants to help everyone out and help her family to become better (she has 5 kids!). Then on Tuesday we met Chen JM. She is a deep thinker and has lots of interesting ideas and experiences, but she is willing to do our invitations, and as long as she sincerely wants an answer, she will receive one! Then on Wednesday we met with an investigator, Zhu JM, and her brother was there too! He is so awesome!!! He has a little background in Christianity, but doesn't really believe that God exists. But, he is willing to try reading and praying to know if God really exists, and that is the best way to start. Wednesday we also met Xie JM. We aren't sure if she is really interested, but she set up another meeting with us for this week, so we hope we can help her see that the gospel blesses us even when our lives are going well. Then on Saturday we met Huang JM and her mom. Her mom has Parkinson's Disease and isn't able to move without help, and can't really talk much anymore, but boy can she smile! It was really, really neat to go visit their family. Huang JM, her mom and her youngest sister are already Christian, and they became Christian when her mom got sick. They have great family relationships and you can tell Huang JM loves her mom so much. We are really excited to teach them, especially the Plan of Salvation and how we will all be resurrected and have perfect bodies!! I know that when they hear this, it will resonate within them and they will know it is true!

So that is the run-down on our new investigators!!! We are excited to get them all meeting ward members this week and getting them baptismal goals so my companion and her next companion can baptize them all next move-call!!!

We also had interviews this week! We finally got to meet our new mission president! He is so wonderful and is going to do great things for the mission! We are also having a mini zone conference this week! I am so excited!! I'll be giving my reflection! AHHH!!! My mission is really coming to a close!!!

We also had exchanges last week and I got to go with my dear friend Sis. Jarvis again! We had so much fun and I just love serving with her!!

Then on Saturday night we had a huge Pioneer Day activity! Sis. Jarvis and Belnap had it all planned out and it was for the 3 wards in our building. It was a huge turn out! We had 5 stations that they rotated through (dress up pictures, banana leaf dolls (since we couldn't find corn husks), pioneer games, scone making and dancing). Then they watched a little of Legacy and ate peach cobbler and ice cream and the scones!! It was so much fun!! Everyone really loved it!!!

Well, that was about it for our week! I know this week is going to be so good and go by so fast! I don't know if time goes so fast for all you at home, but its just flying by for me!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Look for my LAST EMAIL next week!!!!!

Love you!

1: My companion and I dressed up at Pioneers for the activity!
2: Our district! Elder Ferrell is moving to GaoXiong to be zone leader, so Elder Lathen needed a new companion, so they got him a duan chuan! And the crazy thing is, he was from my first area, Bei Qu! And I was at his baptism last August!! He is such an incredible young man and is going to have a fantastic time being a missionary for 2 weeks. I hope it inspires him to go on his mission earlier =]

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