Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 55: Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!! 

I can't believe it's already April! Where is the time going! We just had Christmas didn't we? 

We had a great week here in Zhang Hua! We had a bit of a scary/exciting event: a 6.1 earthquake! The epicenter was about 45 minutes away from where we live, but we still felt it super strong! We were doing studies when it hit and soon enough decided we should go under our desks. We live on the 12th floor, so it was actually really scary. We had an earthquake about 3 weeks ago in GaoXiong, but that time the room just kind of swayed. This time it was violently shaking! Anyways, we are all fine. Our apartment is fine and we are all recovered emotionally =]

Other than that, not much else exciting happened this week. Today is move-call and my companion and I are both staying. We had another sister with us for a few days because her companion is training. It's been fun! 

We did meet with a new investigator this week! She was a referral from another missionary a while back, and we got to go visit her this week. We met her and her sister. They are not only super funny, but they are super interested in the gospel! So excited! We are going to go visit them again this week and start teaching them! We also met a super great lady on the road last night! She doesn't have a special religion, and she set up right there on the street! We are going to meet with her next Sunday! Yay!

Our other investigators are doing good, especially our mom, Wang JM and her son. They have so much faith and are so willing to keep commitments. They weren't able to come to church again last week, but hopefully next week! 

Last week for English we had an Easter party. We painted eggs and had an Easter "egg" hunt (we couldn't find plastic eggs, so we cut out paper eggs and taped them to candy =] ) and then talked about what Easter is and watched a small clip on Christ's resurrection. I am so grateful for Easter because it is another time that we can remember Christ and what he did for us. How grateful I am that because he was resurrected, we all will be resurrected, regardless of who we are, bad and good, old and young, we will all be resurrected. That is such a reassuring feeling!

I hope you are all doing well! Hopefully this week will be more exciting so that I'll have more to write. Sorry for the lack of pictures...we don't do much on preparation day so I don't have much to take pictures of. Here is a picture of the street outside our house. I know you'll all love to see it =]

Love you all!

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