Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 56: A Week of Blessings

Hello Dear Loved Ones!!!

I can't believe we are in the middle of April! I really thought we just had Christmas, but such is life, and time continues to move on. 

We've had a great week here in Zhang Hua! The best being that we got to watch General Conference! It is such a blessing that we have a living prophet who leads and guides us! I can't imagine not having one! We were spiritually fed for 2 days, which was so much needed! My favorite talk by far was Elder Holland's on faith and believing. Ah, I can't wait till we get the Liahona next month and can read the talks again! While none of our investigators came to conference like we were hoping, we look forward to being able to share with them the messages and help them develop their own testimonies. 

Our investigators are all doing well, but definitely have things they need to work on. We are working on them all developing faith, the faith to act on commitments, the faith that they can gain answers to prayers, the faith that there really is a God and Jesus Christ who love them dearly. But I guess we need to start with them just having a hope that it is all true, just like Elder Holland said. 

We saw some really great miracles with less-actives and investigators this week. On Monday we met with a less-active who is working on coming back. She has been working on quitting smoking, and she told us on Monday that she had officially quit! And as far as we know, she hasn't smoked since then. She came to all 4 sessions of conference as well, and we know she will be blessed for that!

Then on Wednesday we went to see the oldest of the Zhang sisters. She hadn't read the Book of Mormon since our last visit, but she had several questions, so we used the Book of Mormon to help her see how the Book of Mormon can answer her questions. She was so excited to see this and then we recommited her to read the Book of Mormon, and she readily agreed, seeing how it can help her life. 

Then Friday night we went back to the Zhang sisters house, to teach the middle sister, but she wasn't home yet. But! We got to meet her mom, dad and husband, which was super great! There were so many people there (mom, dad, oldest sister, husband and 4 kids!) Plus me, my companion and our two members who came with us! So a lot of people! We taught a bit of the plan of salvation, but then we decided it was a bit too crazy (too many people) and it was getting late. But the really cool thing was the father, Zhang Ba Ba, was participating in our lesson on the plan of salvation! He read a scripture for us, and then prayed with us, and kept flipping through the Book of Mormon! So cool!

Then Sunday night, we went and did some tracting. The first house we knocked on was a former investigator of the elders. He said they were welcome to come by anytime, he was always home. So we knock about 6 doors, and we knock on a door with two dogs, and all of a sudden 3 wild dogs come running to the door we are knocking at. I'm like, oh great. I don't like wild dogs. So we talk to them then leave. We go to visit a few people, all of whom aren't home, so we tracked the doors around them, and set up two families for next week! So excited! Then we went to one last street and the first house there was a woman outside smoking. She invited us in and we started talking to her. It came to teaching her about prayer, and she was telling us how her son has met with the missionaries recently. My companion asks her son's name and realizes it was a kid she had met on the street and referred to the Elders. He was home, so we had a lesson with him and then told the elders to start meeting with him again =]

I am so grateful for the blessings of the Lord! We have work to do this week, getting our investigators baptismal goals again and finding more prepared people, but we are excited to do so! We have zone conference this week as well and I'm so excited and ready for a spiritual feast!!

I hope you all have a great week! The work of the Lord is moving along! I hope you all can help the missionaries in your areas. They, and your friends and family members who haven't come to know the gospel yet, all need your help!

I love you all!

-Sis. Busath

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