Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 45: Kind of a Rough Week

大家好! (I figured out how to type in Chinese!! See my name at the end of the email) 

Where is the time going! I am soon going to be the oldest sister in the mission! That is weird to think...I have been on a mission for 10 months now! I only have 7 months left!! Time is going by so fast! 

We had a good week this week, especially because we had Zone Conference this week! I always LOVE Zone Conference! Not only because I get to see all my missionary friends, but because we get to be spiritually uplifted and have our missionary fire renewed! We had such an incredible zone conference. We were taught all about baptism, rescuing and retaining. We had some incredible breakout sessions taught by missionaries, and had some great instruction from our mission president about desire and motivation when it comes to missionary work! So awesome! We are also doing a mission read of the Book of Mormon and will finish in June; I am super excited about that! 

Other than zone conference, last Monday my companion and I and one of our recent converts made cookies together! I had been craving chocolate chip cookies, so I decided we could just make some. Except Carrefour (like Walmart) didn't have chocolate chips. So we used M&M's instead. They turned out super yummy! Our elders loved them. 

Tuesday was rough. We were supposed to meet with 3 of our 4 progressing investigators, but they all cancelled or fanged us, and didn't reschedule for later in the week. So it was a rough day. 

Wednesday was a good day though! We went to our recent convert, Pan JM's house and helped her organize a bit. She wasn't really sure where to start so we helped her get started a bit, and then we went out to lunch together which was fun. After that we went to visit a lady we had met tracting. We had a great lesson with her and her husband. While they are very Buddhist, they were very willing to listen to us. They wanted to know why Christian churches don't care much about ancestors, so we shared with them how, actually, our church very much loves our ancestors and we know they are very important. We didn't go into a ton of detail about how we show respect for our ancestors, but we talked a bit about genealogy with them and what not. They were super awesome, and it was just a super awesome lesson! We also went to our other recent convert, Liu JM's house for dinner. That was super fun =] I love her!

Thursday was zone conference and we went to Pan JM's again to visit with her and her kids and teach a lesson about service. Her kids are so awesome and they totally get the gospel. I love seeing it! I asked her 6 year old son what kind of service he could do for his dad, and he said he could help him to stop drinking alcohol =] I just smiled and said, that is an awesome service. Their dad isn't really interested in the gospel now, but the kids understand the importance of the gospel and how much their dad needs it, and they want to help him. I love their family! One day, they will have an eternal family =] 

Friday was also pretty good. We went to one investigators house for dinner (that was interesting...) and then to a park to exercise with another investigator. That was fun! We also met this really cool lady there who was super hilarious! We hope that another day we can meet with her =] 

Now Saturday, that was by far the best day we've had in a while! While we didn't have a ton of new investigators or anything, we did have some incredible lessons! We went tracting in the morning, and I told my companion to lead us somewhere. So she did, and we are knocking doors and the first three, people answer, but aren't really interested. At the 4th, we see a lady in the courtyard, so we are trying to get her to open the door, and right as we were about to leave, she opens and is like, what do you want. We tell her who we are and she is like, I know. My parents are Catholic and I'm atheist. We start talking to her a little, and she shares how she doesn't believe there is a God because so many people in the world are suffering, and how could God let so many people suffer, and she is trying to do her best by helping other people and helping to make them suffer less, but it is so much pressure. Long story short, by the end of talking with her she was crying and asked us to come back. The spirit was so strong, and she was very willing to pray with us at the end. Because her mom is Catholic, she doesn't want us to come back to the house, but we are going to go visit her on Tuesday at her work. I am very excited to see what happens with her. Also while tracting that street, an Amah (grandma) let us come in and she shared with us all about her family =] So it was a super great tracting time! We then met with an investigator (whom we only recently determined is for sure an investigator, not a less-active like she thought she was). She willingly accepted a new baptismal goal for March 2 and we are excited to help her hit it! And lastly, that night the Elders had a baptism! Last week on exchanges with my MTC companion, she asked about an investigator, but I said I didn't know her, we weren't meeting with her. So this week I looked up her record and we called her and she was very willing to come to the baptism. I was so excited! So she came, and the bishop and another ward member remembered her from when she was investigating 6 months ago! That was a plus as well! So we are excited to start meeting with her again and helping her progress towards baptism as well!

So all in all, it was good week, with lots of motivation and uplifting experiences! This upcoming week is the last week of the move-call! I have a feeling I might be moving next move-call; we shall see!

I hope you all are doing well! I love you all and miss you all and am so grateful for all you do for me, for the prayers and letters and whatnot!

Have a wonderful week!

291: Finished cookies! They were a bit flat, but oh so yummy!

285: My companion and I making cookies =]

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