Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 22

Time is just flying!
This week I will hit my 5 month mark as being a missionary and my 3 months on island mark! Its so crazy!
There really are only two big things that happened this week:
*Our Investigator decided not to get baptized*
*I have a new companion!*
And a few other random things I'll include at the end!
*Our investigator decided not to get baptized*
We have an investigator that has been investigating the church for 6 years. She has met with the missionaries on and off. She really never would progress, so missionaries would drop her, but when Sis. Lee and I started meeting with her, she started really progressing, and so she had a baptismal goal, an baptismal interview, and we said, ok! you are getting baptized!! She had previously not wanted to get baptized until she had finished reading the Book of Mormon, but we thought we had helped her enough to realize she really was ready! Well, its not unusual to call her and not have her answer, or to not see/talk to her all week, so come Friday (the day before her baptism) we weren't shocked or worried that we hadn't heard from her. She called us and said she wanted to meet with us on Saturday at 10. We had never met with her in the morning, and Sis. Lee was worried she'd say she wasn't getting baptized. But, we went to meet her and she didn't show. She called later and said she wanted to meet at 2:30, but she didn't show up then either. She finally called at 3 and asked us to come outside the church. We did, and she's on her bike, hands Sis. Lee a bag and a note and drives off. We read the note, and she said she wasn't getting baptized till she had finished reading the Book of Mormon. So that was sad...
*I have a new companion!*
So Sis. Lee went home (or will on Tuesday) and that means I needed a new companion! Her name is Sis. Wilson and she is so great! She just finished training my MTC companion down in Gaoxiong, so I think its going to be lots of fun with her! She actually goes home in 2 months, so I may or may not be her last companion as well =] So weird! I am so excited to be companions with her though! She is from New Jersey and is a special education major right now, but will probably switch to early intervention. We have so much in common so that is really fun too! I am excited to learn so much from her and to see miracles in our area!!
Other random things from last week? We had a really great last Monday night. We went tracting in this one little area of houses and ended up having three miracle lessons! It was so fun! English was fun because we did it all together and played a game for the whole night! We had another recent convert party on Saturday night after the baptism and that was so great! We got treated out to eat so much this week because it was Sis. Lee's last week, so several days in a row we never had to pay for our own food =]
That's really about it! Nothing too exciting happened. It was a weird week because Sis. Lee was leaving, so we said lots of goodbyes, ate lots of food, and just soaked up our last week together. I'm definitely going to miss her so much! It will be weird not seeing her anymore.
I hope everyone is doing well! I included Sis. Lee and my's last picture together, and then Sis. Wilson and my's first picture together! And a few others.
#1: The big Budda by our house.

#2: This really cool 50's themed Taiwanese restaurant by our house that our investigator took us to.

#3: Sis. Lee and some of our English Class Students
#4: Sis. Lee and I
#5: Sis. Wilson and I

Here is to a new week! Love you all!

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