Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 21

What a great week I've had here in Taiwan!! Why? Because it was my birthday week! And I have a marvelous companion who loves me so much! This week I'm going to do my email by day =] Sorry I'm a bit short on time!!
Monday: We went tracting and the first house we knocked a mom let us in! She wants her son to go to church. We'll see what happens there!
Tuesday: I woke up to a present from my family! Candy! Then we had sister exchanges, a crazy lesson with a recent convert, a crazy lesson with an investigator...
Wednesday: My birthday! Woke up to a DVD from my family for my English class! Then we changed back companions and my companion had had all the sisters that were on Sister Exchanges sign a huge card for me, that is by my favorite Taiwanese cartoonist! I was so touched! And then that night we went to dinner at a members and my companion threw a mini surprise party for me with one of our recent converts. Love them!
Thursday: I woke up to cough drops and peanut butter from my family! My companion surprised me with smores that night. This was also a typhoon day!! Yup! We had a typhoon! My companion was sick, and combined with the crazy wind, we stayed inside till 4 PM. We went out to dinner with the same recent convert from the night before and then went back to the church for the rest of the night.
Friday: I woke up to more peanut butter =] We had weekly planning and...I don't remember what else. Oh, we went to see our wonderful Chen Jie Mei and her daughter and that was fun. And we went to Subway for dinner and Sis. Lee paid for my dinner =]
Saturday: Crazy day! We got a call in the morning that the husband of a family that we taught a lesson to and then referred them to their home area, was getting baptized that night and we were invited to attend! A ward in our church building was having a huge second hand sale, so we went to that, played with recent converts, taught a lesson to our incredible 13 year old investigator, and went to a miracle baptism that we didn't know was happening!! And then our eternal investigator has her baptismal interview at 9 PM that night, she passed (hoping she will get baptized this Saturday!) and then at 10:15 at night, on our way home, Sis. Lee stops at a flower shop and buys me flowers for my birthday weekday surprise =] Love her!
Sunday: I woke up to two beautiful new outfits from my family! Loved them! Not much else. We have 7 out of 10 recent converts at church (such a miracle!) and a miracle investigator! We were so grateful! And then that night we went and talked with the office couple. Love them so much!!! And the surpise from my companion was a face mask =] We will do them tonight =]
So, it was really a good week! I've included some pictures of the week =]
Next Monday I get a new companion because my companion goes home on Tuesday! I can't believe its been almost 3 months already since I arrived in Taiwan! The time has flown and I'm going to miss Sis. Lee! But, life goes on, and I'm looking forward to being able to introduce my new companion to you all next week!
I love you all!!
#3025: Outfit from my family

#2988: The front of the birthday card from my companion (it was huge! we buy every card we see from this artist)

#2989: The inside of the card, filled with love =]

#3014: Flowers from my companion

#2993: Zhang DX and his wife and my companion and I at his baptism!

#2999: Another outfit from home!

#3005: My happy birthday week card and all the daily cards from my companion!

#2992: On Saturday we had 3 recent converts at church! We had a big group lesson =]

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