Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 39: A Week of Miracles

Hello everyone!

What a great week we've had here in Taiwan. We've seen lots of miracles and had lots of fun! I feel like so much happened this week that we will go according to days =]

Monday: Preparation day! We went with one of my companion's recent converts and another set of sisters and we went to Lotus Pond. It was beautiful! Its this lake with some pagodas and lots of tourist shops! Which was awesome because we have been looking for tourist shops and hadn't been finding any! So we were both able to get Christmas gifts for our family there =] So great! Then that night, my rockstar of a companion added 7 people, on the street and on the phone! I was shocked! When we add people, we set up a time with them to meet and then invite them to be baptized on a specific day. So yeah, I was pretty proud of her =]

Tuesday: Sister Exchanges! I stayed in my area again, but Sis. Hancock came to visit! She was trained in the same area that I was trained in, and she was also companions with my trainer, so we had a ton of fun. We talked about all the people we knew, and I learned a lot from her about how to work with the ward. It is something I've really been trying to figure out how to do, and she is the queen of working with the ward, so it was so awesome! We had a great time together. 

Wednesday: Wednesday was cold and rainy, but we still had English! We didn't have many people come to English, but we had two new people come and both were ladies who we added! One was going to come to church on Sunday but ended up not being able to. The other is a lady we will meet with this Wednesday. So that was super awesome!!

Thursday: We had an appointment with one of the lady's my companion added on Monday and she because our new investigator! Yay! I love new investigators! She is a former investigator, and we think she has a lot of great potential. She was going to come to church but ended up not being able to, but that's ok, we are seeing her this week! So excited! 

Friday: Weekly planning! And I added 3 people by myself! One is a mom of 4 kids and I'm super excited to meet with her this week! I hope her family is ready to accept the gospel! 

Saturday: We had another new great investigator!!! And she came to church on Sunday! We were also allowed to take our cameras around that day so we could take pictures of us proselyting, so I have some great pictures to share today! 

Sunday: We had 4 investigators confirmed for church, but only two came, but, they were two ivestigators that had never been to church with us before! So awesome! One is an investigator we've been working with for a while so we were so excited she came!! So that was awesome!!

So all in all, we had 5 new investigators this week and we have a lot of lessons set up for this coming week! Our investigator Lin JM is still on track to have her baptism on 12/29. She has her interview this Tuesday! 

I love being a missionary! It has been so great! Next Monday is move-call and I will be getting a new companion, since mine is going home! So look forward to that!

Thank you all for your love and support! I love the Christmas season and the chance we have to think of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Love you all!

1: My companion and I at Lotus Pond

2: My companion and I with our Christmas tree that a friend sent to me.

3: My companion and I with our APR (our list of investigators) with our fingers on our investigator who was coming to church's name!

4: Me contacting!

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