Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 3 in Taiwan!

Hello All!
This past week has gone by so fast, even without having a preparation day on Monday! I don't even remember what all went on!
Last Monday (the last one in May) we had our pinata party. My companion and the elders had been planning it since before I came, so it was much anticipated! The reason for the activity was to get investigators there, and to get more referrals and it worked! We had about 60 people there, and about 22 were investigators! It was so great! We also got 30 referrals from members and investigators, so that was so awesome! We were so happy! I've included some pictures too =]
4 elders, 3 investigators, Sister Lee and I
At the end of last week, we had 9 investigators with baptismal dates! It was crazy! Sadly, 4 of them dropped us this week =[ BUT! I'm not sad, because that allows us to focus on the invitation our mission president gave us for the month, which is to find FAMILIES! So, by having 4 less investigators, we have time to go tracting and contacting and finding families! We were so crazy busy! We had 8 progressing investigators and another 5 or so people that we met with occasionally. So this has opened up our schedule to allow us to go finding! And I'm so excited! We were referred a great mom who is completely and totally prepared to hear the gospel! She has 3 kids and they are all coming to english tonight, so I am excited to meet them! We also went and met with a less-active mom yesterday whose family isn't baptized. We talked about eternal families and how the gospel has blessed our families and helped our parents parent us. Her mood really changed by the time we were done with our lesson. She said she wants to change and she wants to have her family be an eternal family, so I have a lot of faith in her family as well! We also had another family walk up to the church and said they wanted to get baptized! We taught them about the Book of Mormon but sadly they don't live in our area, but that's ok =]
We also had a crazy cochroach infestation last week. We had been killing small little cochroaches every night, but not a huge deal, we had an appointment set up with the bug people to come spray later in June. We woke up one morning and our counter and cupboards and sink and dishes and dry food were all covered in cochroach larvae!!!! It was DISGUSTING! We called the operations elder and asked him to get a bug person out that day. We cleaned out all the cupboards, threw away the food and then went to chuan the jiao (proselyte =] ) We came home and I told Sis. Lee, be prepared for a mass of dead cochroaches all over the floor. And sure enough, there was probably 50-100 dead cochroaches all over our floor. So nasty. But. We've only killed probably 1 a day since they sprayed. Yay!
See those white dots? Ya, those are cockroach larve...

The aftermath... Ew.
I also passed my Phase 1 Lesson 2 language evaluation! So happy! And we have a sister coming from the MTC to shadow Sis. Lee and I on Sunday. I was part of a pilot program, so the MTC/Church wants to see what kind of impact that's had on me...Pray for me!
Sister Lee and I
Us with Elder and Sister Liston, the office couple

Practicly everyone in the Taiwan Taizhong Zone!

Today we went to the temple! It was so great! I loved it! It was about a 2 hour bus ride up to Taipei and that was fun =] I got to know the missionaries in our zone, and that was super fun! The temple is such a great place and I love it so much!
Me in front of the Temple

Both of us in front of the temple
Sorry I don't have much time to write! I have gotten letters from several people and you don't know how much I appreciate it! I was shocked to see that people love me enough to write me paper letters all the way in Taiwan! So thank you!
Love you all! Thanks for your prayers, letters and thoughts! All are felts!
-Sis. Busath
Taiwan Taichung Mission
#498-11 Wu Chuan Road
Taichung, 404-46

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