Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lets Get Started...

Shes gone! An anxious Sister Busath is finally in the MTC. Here are some pictures of our day...
We started with a fantastic lunch at Firehouse Subs. We had heard that their sandwiches compared to Togo's, our favorite sandwich shop in California. Andrea picked this as her 'final meal'. 

Not too shabby! We decided that it was better than Subway, but not quite as good as Togo's.

Here is our family, standing in front of the Provo Temple, minutes before she enters. This is right across the street from the entrance to the Missionary Training Center.

They no longer have the main entrance sign for the MTC, so taking a picture of the street sign was as good as we were gonna get.

We only got a few seconds to give our hugs and say goodbye. As soon as we got out of the car, they started grabbing Andrea's bags, and asking her questions about whether she had all the things that she needed, giving her suggestions of things often forgotten. This is her second to final hug with her mother, who couldn't resist to sneak in another hug as she was about to walk away.

She gave her last hugs to her other family members, and a heart felt handshake was given to Andreas (Our foreign exchange student.) We said our quick goodbyes, and got in the car and drove away.

But of course we caught up with her in the car, and took another few pictures. Don't those Elders look happy? And Andrea too? She was VERY excited!

There she goes... We love you Andrea, or should I say Sister Busath!


  1. Yes, you should say Sister Busath! ;-)

    How exciting! She is going to do such a great job as a missionary! She is so positive and happy and motivated! And she has such a strong testimony. And not to mention all that Chinese under her belt!

    Thanks for posting "final meal" and MTC pictures! So fun to see the pictures and hear how it went!


  2. So great! Looks like a very good day.