Monday, February 13, 2012

"Elder" Busath

So I was told 3 weeks ago by the Sister who works in the office that I needed to pick what kind of bike I wanted, and that also, within 10-14 days I should receive my official "initial welcome letter". So I kind of forgot about the letter, and emailing them to tell them which bike I wanted, so they emailed me again last night and I emailed right back that I wanted a 17" Azzurri bike and that I had not yet received my letter (had been almost 3 weeks). Well, my mom got the mail today and said my letter came....well, it came for Elder Andrea Joy Busath. Really? Does anyone out there know of a guy with the name Andrea or the name Joy? Yeah, probably not. And then, they said in my letter that my anticipated release date was August 27, 2011... I emailed them, so we will see what they say =]

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